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Are you an NRI seeking a trusted partner for real estate investments in India? Look no further than Pristine, where we understand your concerns and prioritize your trust above all else.

With a rich legacy dating back to 1985, Pristine has consistently been a beacon of excellence in Pune's real estate sector. Under the visionary leadership of Managing Director Sachin Goyal, we have completed over 9 million square feet of meticulously designed developments, redefining urban living with a commitment that spans nearly four decades.

Join us on a journey of prosperity, where your investment is not just in bricks and mortar but in a legacy of excellence and trust.


Why Pune?

Hub of Industries

Recognized as one of India's prime real estate hubs, Pune boasts a diverse portfolio, including high-end residences, flourishing IT parks, multinational corporations, and promising startups. Its initial reputation as the 'IT city' has evolved into a multifaceted landscape, with MNCs spanning various sectors such as automotive, information technology, biotech, FMCG, and food, contributing to the city's sustained growth.

Flexible Commute

Key factors driving Pune's allure for investors include the ongoing Pune Metro project and the proposed airport at Purandar, a mere 45-minute drive from Pune. These developments are anticipated to provide a significant impetus to the city's growth, fostering the expansion of residential communities and integrated townships.

Adjacent to Mumbai

A compelling aspect that draws investors to Pune is its strategic proximity to Mumbai. Over the past decade, individuals, families, and corporations have increasingly sought property investments in Pune due to its close ties with Mumbai. The robust demand for commercial projects in Pune, driven by the industrial, manufacturing, and IT sectors, is further accentuated by the seamless connectivity offered by the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. This has solidified the notion of a 'Pune-Mumbai Twin City' and contributed to the city's overall economic vibrancy.


Pune's inclusion in India's ambitious 'Smart Cities' project underscores its commitment to comprehensive infrastructure development. The city boasts top-notch social infrastructure, renowned educational institutions, and excellent connectivity to major urban centers. For investors looking to capitalize on their hard-earned money, Pune emerges as the ideal choice, with sought-after residential properties, commercial offices, and retail spaces contributing to its thriving real estate market.


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